Meet our award-winning author Wafa' Tarnowska!

Next week, Nour’s Secret Library author Wafa’ Tarnowska will join us from the United Kingdom for her US book tour! We’re so excited to have such a talented and experienced author visiting some of our favorite independent bookstores and public libraries on this side of the pond. We hope that you can all come out, say hi and learn more about Nour’s Secret Library and Wafa’ herself.

Wafa’ is an award-winning writer and storyteller who was born in Lebanon and lived through the 1975-1976 civil war. She has memories of hiding in a basement for several months and devouring one book after another by the light of a flashlight. She hopes that her book Nour’s Secret Library shows how stories have the power to heal, transport and create safe spaces during difficult times.

Nour’s Secret Library is about a young girl and her cousin who are forced to take shelter when their Syrian city is bombed. To escape the reality of their surroundings, they build a secret underground library. The book, inspired by a true story, shows us the power that books have to heal one’s soul and to create safe spaces during difficult times.

Illustrated by award-winning artist Vali Mintz, Nour’s Secret Library is the recipient of the 2022 Gold IPPY Award. It’s been called “a beautifully told and illustrated story of hope and community” by The Guardian as well as “a warm, engaging, and informative book that's a valuable addition to children's literature about war and conflict” by Kirkus Reviews.

This month, if you live in the Boston or D.C. areas, you could meet Wafa’ and get a signed copy of Nour’s Secret Library!

Wafa’s first event is at the Concord Public Library on Tuesday, June 14th at 10:30am, where she will give a presentation of Nour’s Secret Library and do a public book signing. On the same day, Wafa’ will host a private presentation and signing at the Boston Public Library.

On Saturday, June 28th, there will be another public event at Trident Booksellers in Boston where Wafa’ will host a storytime and book signing in the children's section of the bookstore. (Make sure to check out the cafe and grab some delicious brunch while you're there!) Wafa will close her tour of Massachusetts on Monday, June 20th at Lala Books in Lowell.

If you can’t attend any of the events, signed copies of Nour’s Secret Library will be found at all these bookstores as well as Belmont Books in Belmont, MA and the Silver Unicorn Bookstore in Acton, MA.

For book lovers in Washington D.C, you can meet Wafa’ and get a signed copy at Lost City Books on Sunday the 26th at 2pm, as well as Busboys and Poets Books on the 28th at 6pm.

For anyone in the area who’ll miss out on the D.C. events, you’ll be able to find signed copies of Nour’s Secret Library at these shops as well as the Potter’s House bookstore and Politics & Prose.

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